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    Any issues with the 2011 rxt-x 260???

    So I was doing my bargain hunting and found an awesome deal on a 2011 rxt-x 260... Dealership claims a guy ordered 10 but deal fell through so they are stuck... I am pretty sure I am gonna jump on it since the price out the door is better then other dealership prices on a gtx 215... And hell for a 260 I'm all for it lol... Price with trailer, taxes, and all fees is approx. 13,500.. Not bad on a ski that retails for 14,400.. Still gonna negotiate though... Just wondering if anyone has had bad experiences with this model and anything I should have checked... Thanks .... Oh and how hard to install rebounding step...

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    That is a good fair price. Just minor issues like hose clamps and bolts not tight, rear hatches leaking, steering not adjusted correctly, false maintenance lights. A few guys had the pump bolts come loose and wreck havoc and a few guys had the drive shaft splines strip out due to engine alignment issues.

    I installed the SeaDoo boarding ladder by myself in 45 minutes, HIGHLY recommend it - this ski is big and hard to board when in the water.

    The dealer needs to do a good job prepping the ski for you: steering, bolts, hoses, reset BUDS "service" timer - all before you take possession!

    Once the bugs get worked out, the ski handles like a 2 seater and is a lot of fun. You'll see 70 mph pure stock after 7-10 hours. With minor mods you see 74-76 mph, with Stage 2-3 mods several guys are 81-83 mph - not bad for a big ole 3 seat couch!!!!!!

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    That is exactly what I paid for mine WITHOUT a trailer. GREAT PRICE!
    ummm...there are a few minor bugs to be worked out but all-in-all an awesome ski. If I had to do it all over again I would.
    Things to look at - SC hose(keep it tight) pump mount bolts(keep tight) fixing plates(they WILL strip/order replacements)
    If you want +10 mph order a RIVA stage 1 and send the impeller to Erik @speedfreeks
    If you want a 80+ mph ski - get another loan...

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    now you guys got me a little nervous lol.. sounds like a lot of things going wrong with these skis.. this is my first ski purchase ever.. the only other "watercraft" i have ever owned is my 2010 speedster 150 (155hp).. i was hoping for a turn on and go machine lol.. so basically i should go over the ski and check every bolt to make sure its tightened? Is this every time i take it out or just when i first get it?? I am assuming though that any of these bolts come loose everything will be warrantied correct? I just don't want a headache.. want a nice machine that will kick a$$ on the water and not be a huge hassle.. its my first pwc ever so want something relatively easy maintenance..

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    Make sure it's a 2011 and the dealer goes over the s/c clamps and the pump bolts, and the buds update. With the right dealer u will be fine unless u overtorque bolts changing the prop. I like mine, but would have preferred they stayed with the old school pump shoe and ride plate set-up, but then we would not have brakes

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