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    QUICK question... used riva rear air, no SC adapter... is it 3.5 or 4" adapter needed

    Title says it all, I just purchased a used riva rear air setup but it didn't come with any sort of supercharger adapter. Do I need to purchase a 4" or a 3.5" adapter? I was dead set on the 4" one like I had with my kanaflex 4" front air kit, but then I saw they also offered a 3.5" version and I remembered the riva front air setup was a 3.5" setup or something like that so it threw me for a loop.

    Anyway, like stated quick question hopefully with a quick answer so I can get what I'm going to need on the way and be here at the same time.

    Oh... nother quick one... flowrites mine didn't come with any. Where do I get them cheap, what am I looking for? Where do they go? All I got is the rear air main piece and coupler with clamps, didn't get a filter but I will be making a screen for it....

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    4in adapter...Flowrites from the greenhulk store...both are cheap and in stock!

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    If you only need the filter material replacement for the rear air,

    ETA, you are wanting the actual flowrites,

    With that said, I noticed NO benefit in using the flowrites, but some seem to like them.

    You may want to check with Jerry about the pieces you need to complete your rear air to see what kind of deal he can get for you from Riva.

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