Hello, I took out my msx150 after replacing the oil tank with the update kit. I put 3 litres of oil in it then started it up on the trailer then checked the oil and it was at the full line. It started fine on the trailer then in the water however I took it easy to warm it up so I went approximately 1/2 to 1 km before the check engine light came on and the temperature symbol. I stopped and checked the oil and it said it was overfull! Just wondering if the oil was overfull would that cause this! I brought it in and drained about 1/2 a litre out and its now at the min line checked the map sensor does not look like it was oil fouled. Also there was quite a large amount of water in the engine compartment why would this be and is there anything else I should check before putting it back in the lake. PLEASE HELP I AM A NEWBIE TO 4 STROKE MACHINES.