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    Aluminum trailer in todays market?

    Do Triton trailers hold there value?

    I feel as if I am almost giving my trailer away and have only had a few tire kickers inquire about it. Whats the deal?

    Need be, anyone know where I can trade this trailer for a different one? (Looking for a small Utility for lawns)

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    Where are you located?
    What year is it? Sinlge? Double? Lights work? Need anything? Etc..
    How mutch you asking?

    All these must be stated before you get decent feedback ..

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    Orlando, Florida
    2006 Cherokee Chief (Same as Triton LTWCII) Aluminum Double PWC Trailer.
    All but one light works, due to it missing. With that said my dad hit a bullard on the drivers side after pulling out of a gas station. Everything is in perfect working order. But as I was saying the only flaw is that the weld on the peice of metal that holds the fender on is cracked.

    I am undercutting myself insanely with the price I have listed it for. I'd like to know realisticly what these trailers are going for?

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    I'd say $600-$800

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    I just bought a 2004 Triton Single LTWCI with all lights working in great shape for $475. The seller was firm at that price. Based on what others in my area are asking this seems like it was a fair price but not a "deal". I was quoted about $1200 for a new one so decided to go used. I guess supply has alot to do with it as well. At least around here there is no shortage of them for sale on craigslist.

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    I also just bought a Triton LTWCI believe its a 2008 model. Gave $400 for it which is a steal. It was mint condition, but had to drive 3.5 hrs to get it. I have seen double aluminums going for $800 to $900 in my area. And they sell quickly, most of the stuff around here is painted & pretty rough. Guess it all depends on your local market. Good luck with the sell.

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    450 preowned.

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