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    FZR intake manifold gasket reuse ?

    Hey guys,
    I'm getting ready to take off the intake on my 09' FZR and was wondering if anyone buys that o-ring gasket thing new or just reuse it? The service manual calls it packing.
    I usually get new gaskets when I tear down something but this one is like $130 + and thats just crazy.
    BTW - the manual says not reusable... why I ask...


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    reuse it

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    The gasket should be fine. It actually stays attached to manifold when you take it off. Just watch where you lay manifold down when working on the throttle body so you don't get it caught on anything. Right before re-install, take a look at it to make sure it is still in the correct position. If it should happen to move. Use a small amount of grease on gasket to hold it to manifold while you put it back on.

    I've done 2 and it didn't move on either.

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    I have reused it many times. No problems!!!

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    OK thanks!

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