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    Question 7800 rpm only 64.5 mph on rxp

    I have an 07 motor on a 2005 hull completely stock. Im only getting 64.5 mph and 7800-7900 rpm. I live in miami with 92 degree temperature and 60% humudity and full tank of gas. Before with my 2005 motor I use to get 67 mph same rpm

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    help me out guys

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    shaft/engine alignment ?

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    engine alignment was done correctly when i installed the 07 motor in the hull. the shaft moved like butter back and forth between the engine and the pump.

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    stock prop wear ring has a little wear on it but i dont think it will take 3mph off.

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    the new numbers and old numbers taken with same conditions?....rad ect?

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    yea same gps same lake same everything i just dont get it. im going to try the impeller from 07 ski

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    are you switching pumps out or just props? are you installing according to manual? using solas prop cone? ive read they can scrub speed and cause prop to walk up shaft. anything stuck in the pump or grate area?

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    would it make a diffrence if i switch the pump to the 07 pump arnt they the same part numbers? what do you recomend i do to test .... shouldnt i be getting at least 67mph out of an rxp?

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