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    08 GTX reverse buck drops on its own, handle pops up

    I'm posting this for a friend. She has a 2008 GTX. When she gets up on plane the reverse bucket drops and the handle pops up. Its not locking in the up position. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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    Sounds like the spring or cable is not installed or installed properly.

    Spring is #51 and check for the cable connection to the bucket. But with the handle flying up, I would guess the spring is missing.


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    Both the cable and spring are in place and connected properly per the diagram you provided so that doesn't look to be the problem. What locks the bucket in the up position?

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    Make sure the pump and nozzle bolts are all tight.

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    Is the spring still attached?

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    Yes the spring is attached. All the pump and nozzle bolts are tight. I compared it to an 08 RXT and I dont see anything that appears missing or broken. Also noticed that on the RXT I coul pull the reverse bucket down by hand. Any other ideas? What locks the bucket in the up position?

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