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    02 Virage I part numbers

    Hi, I am looking to see if anyone has the part numbers for a Crank Sensor, T.P.S Sensor, and the twelve mag flywheel for a 02 Virage I 800.

    I just put a new stator, flywheel (old style), starter, and the bendix into this virage I and tried to start it, it kicked and back fired right away so I sent the EMM to DFI and had if repaired, they said it was a spark timing issue, and I also replaced fuel pump sending unit and pump because of regulator being broken off. I put the new EMM in and it fired right up, but wouldn't idle, turns out it dosent have enough voltage at low (idle) to fire injectors, because 2 weeks ago when I tried to start it with all the new parts it broke a tooth of the new flywheel, and a magnet came right off the new flywheel. And the pieces chewed the shit out of the new stator, and the old pick-up. So when I ran it with the new EMM in it the damage was already done, again, SOB this is getting expensize. I needed to vent.

    If anyone has these numbers that would be great, thanks.

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    Should to be able to pull up your parts #s on any of the online parts sources. Take a look at this link, K447 put together all this info. It has parts sources and about everything else you need.

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