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    Quick question

    When I come home from a ride on the ski and pull up in the driveway with the ski on the trailer the power is sometimes on as though you would touch the 2 wires to power up the motec,would this just be that the wires are touching as I drive home our something else,where is the best place to keep the wires so they don't touch anything and power up the motec.


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    If you are refering to the manual power up wire it is normally a single wire that needs to be earthed to manully power the system up.
    Maybe your installing dealer added the earth wire and the 2 are sitting close to each other allowing them to touch, in an ideal world you would simply fit an on/off switch to them.
    If you dont use that feature "downloading logging etc" then simply insulate them with ssome tape.

    The ski will stay powered up for a few minutes after you shut it down on the trailer.



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    Thank's Pete,got it sorted.


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