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    jet pump rebuild

    Where can I find instructions for completely rebuilding my 95 slt 750 jet pump? I need detailed instructions.

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    There should be a thread in here somewhere. Do a search
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    I'll assume you have the jet pump stator in front of you reading this.. Do you have the stub shaft and impellor still in the pump? Its a 6 inch long shaft.

    Get a allen wrench that fits the nozzle cone and take the cone off. theres a gasket underneath the cone. save that if its good still. Ok cone is off..

    Look inside the stator and you'll see a large skinny o-ring in there, its about 2 inches across. take a small pick and pull it out of there.

    Now you need the impellor off. Do you have an impellor removal tool? If not, you can use a old polaris driveshaft and bend it 90 degrees with a torch. If you have neither, its get more challenging!.

    When I did this without a tool, I used a couple pieces of wood to keep the impellor still and and used a large cresent wrench on the stub shaft to loosen it. Maybe have someone brace the impellor while you turn the wrench. Be careful not to scrape the prop on the concrete or bend it.. it will be tough to get off.

    Be realy careful if your having someone holding it. thats kinda dangerous with the prop being so sharp. Use wood to hold the prop still, not your hands.. if somethings slips while doing this, dont try to grab the prop or anything stupid, you could really cut yourself badly. Be careful..

    Once loosened, take the impellor off and take out the stub shaft. Theres a spacer that goes in there too. you'll see it. save that.

    Ok, now all you have left is the stator,the bearings and a aluminum spacer in between the bearings. you cant see it yet but you will shortly.

    Pry out the outer black seals first with a flat blade screwdriver to reveal the bearings. Both sides of the stator has those black seals.


    Get a flat head screwdriver,(a big one) and slide into the center of the stator where the bearings are. the idea here is to slide the screwdriver down inside that spacer on the lip of the bearing and get the tip of it to rest on the OTHER bearing on the bottom. tap the bearing with a hammer as you turn the stator in circles knocking out the bearing. It will take a few taps.. like 8 or so..

    Once that bearing falls out, so will the aluminum spacer..its about 2 inches high and a 1 inch across all alum.

    Turn the stator over and knock out the other bearing.. Your done!

    Now back in... Clean everything first. spotless.. Inspect the blades on the impellor for dings, chips , broken or bent blades. If thats all good, next is replace the small o-rings on the stub shaft. use a small pick to remove them. put the new ones on.

    There are 2 sizes to the o-rings. get it right. we have that done. Now the stator.. Put the stator in the oven, yes, I said OVEN. turn it on to 180-200 degrees. not burning hot..

    Put both bearings in the freezer for at least 45 mins. to make them shrink. the oven makes the stator expand a lil.

    Now that the stator is hot. be careful with it.. take 1 of the bearings out of the freezer and drop it in the bearing spot. it should fall right in easily. tap it down a lil to seat it.. use a piece of wood so you dont damage the sides of the bearings. if you pound on it, it will kink the ball bearings in there and you'll be doing it again shortly.

    Ok, that bearing is seated, now the other.. DONT forget to put the 2 inch spacer back in FIRST!!! Then, take the other bearing out of the freezer and drop that one in. tap lightly,,, your golden!

    Once the stator cools off, install the new large o-ring where you took it out in the first steps.. easy enough.

    I stuff grease in the nose cone till almost full myself.. others may not. up to you, I believe it keeps water out of the cone and lubes the bearings as they spin. you dont have too if you dont want to.. If you do, leave a lil space for the stub shaft or else the cone wont go on easy. its get hydrolocked from too much grease.. I guess you would call that

    Anyway,, put your lil spacer back in where the impellor attaches and spin the prop back on and torque it to spec. I think there is a smaller seal that goes on the small spacer if I remmeber right.

    You now have a rebuilt jet pump. If the pumps blades(stator blades are bent, missing,chipped), you may want to replace it before you do all this.. the more damage to the stator the worse your thrust will be..

    Take a look at Keiths videos. they are really helpful.

    And of course, If I have anything wrong here guys, please feel free to correct me.

    Someone may have a better way to remove the impellor if no impellor tool or driveshaft to use.

    Good Luck! Not as hard as it looks.
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