Okay here it goes. I bought ski and put 10 hours on it it now has 100.1 hours. did comression check when purchased 126 in all three. Riding on lake i lost power while riding. Aquired service manual, ran down all ignition tests. Turned out blue wire on hall effect was bad no reading while doing battery test and turn crank by hand. Replaced that, and ski ran fine for about 20 30 mins. no spark. Ran threw all tests for tether, coil, lr505 bypass, stator and hall effect. All checked good. I just cant believe the cdi would just go out like that. isnt there ant way i can check parts of the cdi? I have 12.4 volts on battery and down to 11.06 while cranking at battery. I traced and checked connections on all wires, there good. However checking ground from where lr505 mounts to - engine ground i have 1 ohm... Good or borderline bad? when i got the ski i put on the oil pump block plate and caps on carbs. installed a 33 ohm resistor on blue to black wire for oil sending unit, but theres no way that could be connected to anything right? One other question, the other two fuses on terminal board those are spares, Correct?

Traced red/p wire everywhere to ground worst voltage drop to 12.33v

disconnected blk/y wires and grey still no spark

tested brown wire out of cdi 8.8v volts while cranking.

Now i dont know if everything is still in DC But i get 12.6 V on purple wire while cranking.

Also get same on blk/w wire on cdi side unhooked going to coils