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    What to silicon seal when putting jet pump back on 97 SPX

    I finally got my pump/drive shaft/impeller parts (new ds bumper, impeller boot kit, jet pump fitting, some synthetic grease, etc) and put everything back together. I put liberal silicon sealant on the jet pump fitting (on the outside of the hull where the fitting goes through as well as on the inside of the hull where the fitting comes in), and on the two hoses that come out of the hull above the pump - not sure what those are called, but I put silicon sealant on the holes themselves on the hull and on the plastic piece that pushes up against it. I put the pump back on and before I put anything else on, I'd just like to know if there is anything else I need to seal. I replaced the neoprene ring where the pump fits to the hull (but didn't put any silicon there, seemed redundant/bad). Anyway, before I reattach anything else I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing sealant somewhere - any advice?

    Also for those that were following my other thread, now that I have everything back together (almost) I tried starting the ski and the shaft was turning just fine (it didn't start, its been sitting for over a month and the battery was almost dead - charging it now but everything seems OK at this point).

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    you want to be carefull putting sealant on the ski's transom then putting the pump on, sealant can sometimes clog the tubes going through the hull. reccomended to put the sealant on the pump and around the tubes where threaded into the pump then push it up against the transom. also make sure pump is fully seated and with a long extension turn the prop to engage the splines from driveshaft into the prop. probably redundant and already done but just some help. the 2 small lines are the bailer tubes, a siphon opperated bildge pump, the other big line is the water feed line to the engine from the pump.

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    Ok so just so I'm clear, only those 3 lines need to be sealed, correct? I didn't actually put sealant inside the tubes (I'm assuming the transom is the hull?) I only put the sealant on the actual hull both sides, but in the tubes themselves, this way if I need to pull anything off I should just be able to peel off the sealant first. I just want to make sure that only those 3 holes need to be sealed, not the area that bolts on or anything like that I did try to make sure the shaft was seated correctly, once I had the pump bolted on I used a thick cloth and a wrench to force the impeller to turn about 2" which should be good. At this point I've also held the starter down for 10-15 seconds or so which turned the shaft so I'm guessing that the splines are seated properly now. I just want to confirm that only those 3 main holes (the bailer tube holes and the water feed hole) are the only things that need sealing. Thanks so much!

    Edit: I didn't put any sealant inside any tubes, including in the threading for the jet pump fitting/water intake, I didn't want to risk it. It's screwed in very tight with no leakage that I could tell, so I'm not worried there, only worried about where water might go into the hull without sealant.

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    I went ahead and put the rest of the rear together and started the ski - started good this time. The only thing I noticed (and I honestly never paid attention before so I have no idea if it's normal or not) is that the carbone ring and accordion boot on the driveshaft were vibrating a lot when the ski ran. I ran the ski maybe 10 seconds and then turned it off, and the metal blockoff ring (the thing the carbone ring bumps up against) was pretty hot - is this normal?

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