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    Do I need a new hub?

    One of the wheels on my trailer has grease smeared all over the rim - it looks like grease has oozed out of the hub. Does this mean I need a new hub or a hub fix kit or whatever? I'm planning on getting new tires because the tires that were given to me with this trailer are only 8" and are pretty worn, was thinking I'd throw some 12" on there, just need to know if I'm also going to have to replace the hub(s) too (its a 2 ski trailer).

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    rxp s/c
    1-is the grease leakin out from the front or inside.
    if it the inside id check for a bad grease seal
    if on outside id check dust cap.
    2-goin from an 8in to a 12in wheel/tire my require you to change hubs anyway ,as a 8in may only be a 4 bolt rim and a 12in could be a 5 bolt rim.

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    Hubs are pretty cheap-if in doubt just get a new one. They come with the seals and bearings if you order a kit. 8" wheels are way to small for a 2 ski trailer-load capicity isnt high enough. Ide definitly go with at least 12'. I buy a lot of trailer parts from these guys and they have great prices and ship fast.

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    It is probably a few bucks for for the hub than the kit, but if you can't tell 100% what is wrong it is probably worth the peace of mind

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    You don't need to buy a whole hub. Check the bearings. If they operate smoothly and show no physical damage, just clean and re grease. Definitely replace the seal on the back side of the hub.

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    You should of seen the inside of one of the wheels when I bought my trailer...totally black with grease and dirt. What a mess...brake cleaner degreaser and a lot if elbow grease there. I was sure the bearings were gonna be shot. I soaked them in brake cleaner and they turned out to be fine though. New seal and I was back in business. Trailer also came with a 1 7/8" ball for its 2" coupler. Wish I had seen that before I hauled it 100 miles back home. Safety "wires " were also trashed. Seller had a 2010 FX SHO on'd think he'd pay attention to all that stuff.

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