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    Wink need help with a 2003 polaris genesis 4 person direct injection 1200, have bug.

    need help with a 2003 polaris genesis 4 person direct injection 1200, have a bug. For some reason it will go up to about 20 miles per hour and bog down. New to this site and new to pwc bugs. have worked on motorcycles but not pwc. seems like a limiter, but don't know if it has one or not. also need to know what kind of yearly maintenance i need to do. don't have a manual. it was in working order when i got it and worked for about three months. motor seems to run good in idle, just will not accelerate past 20. any ideas? trying to avoid taking it to our dealer. it's about two hours away. my number on the back is 05PLE22332J203

    feel free to call if you don't want to type... 540 674 3141 ask for Sherri Turner

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    Welcome to the Hulk. I am sure we can get you fixed up. Lots of folks on here that know a lot about these skis. Are there any warnings on the MFD (Display), flashing red light etc? If there is a fualt on certian sensors it will limit the RPM to 3500, thats what you call SLOW mode, to prevent damage to the engine. Also, if the ski is not in full forward position (red light will be flashing on the MFD and display reverse at the bottom), the RPM will be limited by the PERC reverse system. Lots to check. Take a look at this info, this will get your started with what you need to know about the ski. When did the ski start acting up and were there any warnings at the time? You can start by checking the fuel pressure at the schrader valve located on the fuel line at the front of the engine. You need at least 20 PSI while its at idle for the engine to operate properly.

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    have done the following:
    1. cleaned all electrical and internal components and looked for loose connections. (found several and fixed)
    2. checked the fuel lines for dirt/sludge, and found a little. Cleaned and put reinstalled.
    3. checked the fuses. (found one blown fuse a dfi 2 amp) Replaced it as well as all of the other fuses in the two center housings.
    4. took out to see the damage. Went about 4500 rpms, but limited out at 30.2 mph. Seemed to run well, no noises, smoothe engine sound, until it hit 4500 rpms then it bogged down (almost like it was fludding or a system limit)
    Any clues? All help greatly appreciated.

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    OHH. Also replaced the spark plugs and checked the wired. (replaced with the same type it had for fuel injection engines)

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    Need to check the compression on the cylinders and let us know what you get. Unplug all the spark plugs and hold the throttle wide open when testing. After that, we will go from there

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    Seems like a fuel issue. Check the fuel pressure at the shrader valve. Should be between 20 and 30 psi while running. If its is too low, pinch the return line, If it goes up to 30, Your regulator most likely fell off inside the tank and needs to be re attached better. If it doesnt go to 30 you probably need a fuel pump. If the pressure is fine without pinching the return line, take it out for a ride with the gauge hooked up. If it doesnt maintain fuel pressure at wide open throttle then you need a fuel pump

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