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    08 RXT X VTS problem, fuse ok

    Trim not working at all. Checked the 7.5 A fuse is ok - even put another one in just in case still does not work. Noticed while riding only once continuous beep and code EV LOW - not sure if on account of problem with the VTS??? any thoughts?????

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    I recently pulled mine to do some other work and found the housing full of water. The motor was locked up, which I did manage free up and it does run in both directions testing it on a 12 volt battery. Once connected through the housing it only runs in one direction and does not stop at the end of the travel. Inside the housing is a circuit board that runs this thing and I imagine mine is shot from the water getting in. There are a couple of good threads if you search VTS. Bottom line, my new $540.00 (yup!) VTS unit will have a drain hole in the bottom and be packed with grease.

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    +1 Mine had water in it too. The boot on the cable leaked due to the crappy plastic OEM clamps.
    I was able to get mine working again. The connector was corroded so I just eliminated the connector with some butt connectors.

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