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    New to jetskis, need your help...

    I recently purchased my first two jet skis and trailer. The skis are as follows:

    2005 Seadoo Wake
    1997 Seadoo GTX (remanufactured motor).

    When I purchased them, they were not on water nor did I do a compression check on them – I know, stupid. The previous owner was a well-to-do senior who stopped riding regularly with his wife about 2 years ago. He was very upfront and honest, the skis seemed well taken care of. They started on site and ran well. No knocks or pings.

    This Sunday we took them out, both were hard to start. I may have flooded the Wake (open throttle before hitting the ignition), but once it started it remained started only dying a couple times at idle. The GTX was hard to start, but after successive tries, it too started. It seemed to stay started at idle, but be inconsistent when throttled. Out on the water I got the following results:
    Wake: ran strong, but seemed to top out at 40 MPH. RPMs jumped around at idle (1200 - 1600 RPM, but mostly in the 1600 to 1750 range)

    GTX: ran inconsistent. If I ran it around 20 MPH, it would run for some time, but eventually sputter and then recover. If I opened it up it would jump for a short distance than either slow down or even choke out.
    When I came back in my buddy gave me a bottle of Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment. I put a ½ bottle in each ski. My wife stole the Wake and it took off. She claims to have hit 60 and it never once gave her any trouble.
    The GTX was pretty much the same as it was before the treatment. Bogging down when the throttle was increased.

    A couple of other facts:

    Both skis had gas. I assumed because the gentleman told me it was out last week that it was new gas. The Wake took 5 gallons at the pump on my way up, the GTX took almost none – whatever was in it, it was full. His wife seemed to imply that it has been a while since they were out on them.

    The GTX has a sludgy white/grey substance inside the hull mixed with some of the rain water that got in the night before.

    I am planning on doing a compression check tomorrow, but I don’t hear anything unusual. And when the GTX does go, it takes off. Do you think considering they both had issues, it was bad gas? Carb need to be cleaned on the GTX?

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Welcome to the forum buddy!

    I would say buy a yamaha, but you!

    I think I figured out what is wrong with the XL1200.....think there might be a charging issue.

    As far as your GTX.....i'm still kinda leaning on bad/old gas.

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    I'd lean towards water in the gas/old gas as well. Did you check the sight glass on the GTX? Remove the storage bin. I had water in my gas on my GTX and had sort of similar issues.

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    I'd say it probably still has the gray tempo fuel lines in it. Those lines break down and the deposits end up in the carbs. You'll need to change all the lines (about 18') except the vent lines. Then you'll need to pull the carbs and clean then and rebuild them.

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    I have drained the existing gas out. I checked the sediment bowl, it look pretty clean. Took off one of the grey Tempo lines, I didn't see any noticeable buildup inside. The gas I drained was pretty dark. I am going to try and add a gallon or two and see how it runs before I start a carb project.

    I would like to replace the fuel lines with clear lines, are their fuel lines that will hold up well? I seen a site that advocated not using the clear hoses. They appear to stiffen up over time.

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    Update......after draining the gas, I refilled with 5 gallons and took it out to the lake. It definitely ran better, it ran at 30 mph without issue, only bogging down at 40. I then ran out most of that gas and did a complete refill. It ran great. It hit 57 or 58 and did not bog down or bog out at all.

    I guess it was 'bad' or old gas.

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    If it has grey fuel lines, replace them. I would clean the carb regardless. More Seadoos live a short life due to fuel starvation. Remember, in a 2 stroke, the fuel is used to cool/lubricate the cylinders.

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    Glad you figured it out and got it squared away.

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