I am putting an engine in my 2002 F12X. I did not pull the engine out so I have no idea how everything goes back together. My F12 is not of much use as a guide as the turbo makes everything different (not to metion the F12 is a 2004 and 12X is a 2002). My first question is:

What wires connect to the starter? The only diagram I could find was for a 2004 and I am not sure it matches my 2002. There is a long black thick wire coming from the rear that I assume connects to the starter based on how it fits but I just want to confirm that there is only one wire and that that wire connects to the terminal on the side of the starter. The diagram I saw seemed to show a wire connecting at one of the bolts and another at the terminal. I can only find the one wire though.

If anyone has some pictures of the engine bay of a 2002 F12X, they would be of great use to me. I am checking the parts diagrams as best I can but they are not real helpful some situations.