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    weird gauge issue, please help!

    I had a problem with my lake temperature sensor, so i decided to disengage it. Went to dealer and through BUDS we "disconnected" the lake sensor. After that, the whole right part of the panel does not work. Although, when i put the key, it does light up and makes the self check, but after that.... nothing. We tried to re-engage the sensor but still the same thing. Nothing works( from the right side). Also the BUDS asks every time to take off the key two times. Where as the dealer said that on all other skis he has to do it once. Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?

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    Only the left side of the panel is working, any ideas? Just reminding that when i install the key, both sides do the check program but then the ride side goes off. It is a 2007 RXT

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    Maybe have the dealer reflash the gauge firmware.

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    is it possible that dealer's BUDS need to be upgraded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Maybe have the dealer reflash the gauge firmware.
    This is done through the BUDS? and if yes which steps must be followed...i have to explain the dealer he hardly knows how to use a laptop!

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    BRP sends updates periodically. The latest updates were released in late June early July. When you hook to buds, put the key on and pull system info on the ECM. Select and or unselect the parts you need enabled or disabled. You then need to write the current data to the ECM. Follow the on screen instructions.

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    Well at least we got one step further. If i shut down the lake temperature gauge through BUDS the whole right side of the screen goes off. When i re-engaged the lake temp the right screen goes on again....! weird... Any ideas?

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