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    01 Virage rear cyl. meltdown

    Please help. I have the Virage that would stall after an hour or so, like it ran out of gas. If I ran around 40 mph it was ok all day. It would still do 60, but I stopped holding it wide open like that. My girl on the 01 Gen. couldn't keep up. Nuff said. Got a couple good days out of it, but it started acting up again, seemed to be running out of fuel, then it stopped. Froze up. Pulled the plugs, rear cyl. plug melted. Pulled jug and piston melted also. Not just a hole. Melted. Now this ski showed no signs of running rough or lack of power, just the stalling. When it finally froze, it happened just like that, but the piston indicates to me something was going on for awhile. I know a lean condition will cause cyl. problems. Any ideas? Can only 1 carb plug up? Where is the fuel filter? I downloaded the manual. Pumps in front and rear carbs? I can replace the failed engine parts, but would like to cure the cause of the problem. There is no one even close that can fix these things, so I'm on my own. I own an auto-shop but have never worked on a jet-ski, but I'm gonna fix this one. What could possibly go wrong.

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    Three things:

    1, Yes you could have just one clogged up carb.
    2, One of your fuel pump may not be working. Could be a clog in pulse line or leak some where in the pump.
    3, How's your oil? Are you running premix or oil-injection? If injection, check your oil lines and nipples.

    Go here for addtional info:

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    Where is the fuel filter? In the carbs? I don't see one in-line. Running oil-injected. If I read the manual correctly, there are 2 pumps? One in front carb, one in rear? Front pump may possibly supply 2 front cyl? How come it ran fine? Froze up out of nowhere. Would it idle rough if it was a one carb fuel problem? Seems like an oil issue, maybe? The engine idled smooth and ran smooth right up to the freezing up. Can't get my pic. to post, but it's a world record for piston damage. How does that piston come off the pin? Pulled the clips but pin is froze to roller bearing. So much piston damage, I cut it right up the middle thinking I could pull the 2 pieces apart and out off the pin. The piston halfs float on the pin, but won't come off, even with a puller?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtbtms View Post
    Please help. I have the Virage that would stall after an hour or so, like it ran out of gas. If I ran ...
    Quote Originally Posted by rtbtms View Post
    ... How come it ran fine? Froze up out of nowhere...
    With 2 stroke engine, any time you don't have hard acceleration, crisp throttle response etc,. There IS something wrong!

    There's a small filter in each carb.
    The 3 things I mentioned are all in one place, your carburetors. You can't do one without looking at the other.

    Yikes, good luck with the piston! Just be sure not to damage the connecting rod.

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    Check your crank index to start with and its easy to just get it out of the way.

    If we are talking about a twin one cylinder should be a TDC other at BTC.
    Start of with a dial gauge in one spark plug hole find TDC with a long screw drive or a drift push down on the other piston if that piston moves down and you get more then .040 - .080 or 1-2 degrees its Rebuild the crankshaft time.
    The Ignition is fixed off the front cylinder and it the rear is off 1-2 degrees your going to put holes in the rear cylinder.

    If Triple Same thing
    The test is take all 3 spark plugs out bring the front cylinder To TDC using the same dual indicator gauge then with a pair of digital calipers measure the distance from a give point like the top on the plug hole thread the 2 other cylinder should be the same let call it 70mm if your off between those 2 cylinders by the .040 -.080 you will get holes in the piston or pistons.

    This is called a twisted crank happens a lot and I hate to say more on Polaris cranks caused from sucking a large rock or rope up the jet pump also can happen from back firing.

    Polaris Cranks can’t be welding in the centers like a Kawasaki or Yamaha it’s a different center hub set up but can be rebuilt and re-indexed.
    In Race cranks we pin the centers so it will not happen again.

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