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    2005 4 tech timing chain broke

    I have read a lot of postings on here about broken chains but haven't seen anything on chain replacement procedures.

    Just picked up a 2005 Sea Doo with the 4 tech. It has a broken timing chain, 3 single rockers and 1 double rocker. What else might I be looking for, as far as damage. I will mic the valve heights tonight when I get home to see if possible bent valves. I'm thinking not, only because each cylinder that hit, broke the corrisponding rockers. This happened when in the shop, "on the hose" after having a new impeller and wear ring installed. The big question is, if their is no other suspected damage, does the motor need to be pulled to replace the chain and time the crank, balance shaft and the cam? Does anyone have instructions on proper procedure for this job. I dont want to remove the engine and create lots of extra work if not needed.

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    Mostly the timingchain breaks as a result of supercharger failure.
    Most dealers just replace the supercharger and don't clean the inside of the engine,this way small metalparts will cause damage overtime.
    So my advice open up the engine and see what damage you have.
    And rebuild your engine from there on.
    A seadoo workshop manual would come in handy.

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    U have bent valves, and bent piston decks resulting in pinched rings......the case needs to be split to handle all of this, and needs to be done to get the new chain in. Hopefuly the chain did not take out the block, seen that too. I would look for an engine unless u have some patience and skills. I have "dressed" the pistons ring grooves with a fine file with good results, but if u don't at least do that the rings are not going to seal when she warms up.....

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    thanx for the input. mine isnt the supercharged model but yes, I am convinced I need to pull out and apart. I will be doing the work myself so may seek more input later. Thanx again guys.

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