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    Where to start...

    96 XP has hard starting problem after running for awhile. My research on here say it is more than likely the needles and seats. No problem on that. I believe i can change with little fuss. Now yesterday during a full throttle blast the ski nosed over and just "died". I turned the gas to reserve and it started back. Get it on the trailer and it still has a half tank. Any ideas on where to start on this problem? also, about how long are tanks of gas lasting for you guys with older XP's? Thanks

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    So by doing a little further reading it could be rave valves or poor venting of the gas tank?

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    Just rebuilt both carbs with kit from SBT and replaced the needle and seat valve. Of course while in there I cleaned all parts and replaced with all new gaskets and o-rings. Now ski will not start. I did a search and found a thread talking about the plastic discs seating correctly, the pulse line being on and so on. I've gone back and dissassembled to look at the discs...they look fine to me, but I don't know what I'm looking for. The rubber pieces that hold them in look fine. The gasket that is next to the clear plastic piece on the pulse side was stuck on pretty good and I had to scrape it off. Almost impossible to get it all, but I got most of it. Could those small piece cause a sealing problem. I'm at a loss here on this one. Ski was running before I did all this. Just hard to start after running. HELP!

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    Anything? Just out of curiosity can anyone recommend any other forums/resources that can provide some input?

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    further reading has me believing to check with a vacuum tester? test leak down on carbs and fuel system? recommend any type pressure/vacuum tester?

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    Update. Carbs rebuilt. Rotary valve timed back up per seadoosource instructions. Ski started and went riding for a bit yesterday. Feels a bit down on power and then after letting it sit for a bit it would not take fuel under full throttle (throttle pinned and felt like no timing in the motor or breaking up) and the ski is cutting off when coming off the throttle. I am going to clean the rave valves and go from there. Any ideas on the lack of power?

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