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    gas tank venting issue

    Ok guys here is what I got, bought a 1996 Sea Doo GTI, took it out and it ran fine, well I found out about the recall it had, changed all the gray lines when got it back from having the new gas tank installed, now, when it is just sitting there in the heat, gas will start shooting out from the vent that is under the hood, from what I understand this is only suppose to allow air to be sucked in , and not allow anything to come back the other way, (like the gas is doing), When I take off the cap it is under alot of pressure then the gas will stop shooting out that hole, I have already replaced the pressure relief valve that is under the rub rail, and I shot a burst of compressed air into the vent under the hood and it will shoot some gas/air out that hole when I do that. I took the ski out after the new gas tank as well, and it will only run for so long down the lake, then I have to take off the gas cap again and it will run fine for a little while longer. What is my problem? do I need to replace the other check valve that is under the hood since when I blow into it even with my mouth it shoots the air back at me when it is only supposed to be sucking air? Is there a reason it is getting this much pressure in the tank? the first time it did it it had hardly any gas at all in it and still shot out the vent under the hood when it was sitting in the heat, I am stumped, it seems like it it sucking the tank or lines flat or something starving the engine for fuel, but I don't know ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED!!!

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    replace check valve in line on top under hood it should only let air in .none out vents out bottom right

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