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    New 300x here, in Red!

    I know you guys love your green, but coming from the Honda side I just had to go for the red.

    This thing is awesome! Got it broken in over the weekend and wow, is it fast! Tho I'm still shocked at how thirsty it is, even in Eco mode and cruising at a modest pace.

    I can't wait to see what it'll do on a buoy course once I get some sponsons on it.
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    better hope your trailer dont fall apart and drop that shiny thing on the ground hahaha see ya on the 27th!

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    Yikes, that is one " crusty " trailer, hope the ski is insured.. in eco, running 5,000, ~1lb of boost and 40mph with cruise control you can get 90-95 miles out of a full tank.

    Good luck with it !

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    Oh, the trailer is solid, it just needs some paint and new tail lights. It was made by a local place that makes horse trailers. They took their standard horse trailer frame and just put bunks on it. The thing is solid as a rock and the suspension isn't happy unless it's got two heavy skis on it.

    But ya, this winter it'll get a sand blast and re-paint job done.

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    well glad to hear the trailer is solid, hate to see your new Beast on the ground. I see it's tied down in the back, but the winch system looks like the ski could ride right up and over the bow stop, and potentially go through the back of your tow vehicle in an emergency stopping situation. usually the winch strap goes under the bow roller and locks the bow hook into the winch. I might install a bow strap on that set-up, cheap insurance.

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    Beautiful ski. I like the chrome on the front that the green one lacks. I would take Chris' advice and install a bow stop. Like he's "cheap insurance"

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    Ya, I had one rigged in with a ratchet strap forward to the bow hoop when I drove it away. I really want to figure out a way to do it permanently on this trailer, tho.

    I did once have a emergency stop with the two Hondas on this trailer that sent them both forward and up a foot or so to where the rear straps stopped them. Luckily, they stayed centered and there was no damage done, just they where a little nose high above the bow roller stop.

    The 300x is a bit longer than the Hondas so it hangs over the end of the trailer even more. It's to the point that the rear straps won't stop the forward movement at all.

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    no offense, but as you have learned, that is a TERRIBLE winch set-up, looks like it was custom fabricated for a specific brand and model ski, with no adjustability. I would remedy the situation before something bad happens to your new baby... Ideally the bow stop should be just above the bow eye on the ski, winch strap going between bow roller and bracket to " lock " the bow into the winch bracket and not allowing the ski to ride over the stop. I have seen high performance boat trailers with similar configurations and a 10.00 simple solution would be to use a bow tie down strap with a loop in the end you just loop around the support the winch bracket is bolted to.

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    That's basically what I came up with as well, but with a heavier duty ratchet strap. I've also since this picture was taken readjusted the bunks and moved the stop up to the highest position. Now the bow eye basically rests on the stop. It's still not high enough to be above the eye so the strap can go underneath, tho. I completely agree that I have to come up with a better solution.

    This picture was taken at the dealership, just after they hoisted the ski onto the bunks.

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    Congrats on your new ski!

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