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    Question about fuel accelerator pump

    1998 SPX with 787 engine. Was DOA when I bought it and previous owner had done many mods. Now has an newly rebuilt engine in it. I also rebuilt the carbs with genuine Mikuni parts. Carbs are nice and clean and pop off pressure is in spec.

    Breaking in the engine yesterday at 1/2 throttle and less most the time while on the river. Did give it 3/4 to full throttle in just a few bursts. Noticed that it wanted to bogg up there, but was running fine at 1/2 throttle or less. Got to reading more on the carbs and noticed that this model is SUPPOSED to have a fuel accelerator pump on the PTO carb. Mine does not. All my other skis are 720 engines... this is my only 787 engine so I didn't know to look for one on the PTO carb. Is the accelerator pump a neccesity for this engine to run correctly??

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