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    01' gp1200r spark issue

    Having trouble with my gpr, I get spark with all the plugs removed from the head, but when I have all the plugs in the cyl head it won't catch, like there's no spark, remove one plug ground it on head no spark, remove 2 plugs ground themamd I can get it to spark and run on whatever cyl the plug is in.

    Thoughts opinions? All new plugs... Can I trim the wires back like on my kawi then screw the boots back in.

    Could I not have enough juice to turn the tarter and get good spark? I don't have a battery in it at the moment, using cables to jump it off an optima yellow.

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    Sounds like a bad ground somewhere

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    PUT A BATTERY ON IT. and yes you can trim and recrimp the end, not screw it in.

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    checked grounds they seem fine, even grounded straight to the block to rule out a bad ground somewhere else. Was going to trim and re-crimp the wires but the books and wires seem to be one piece? tried tugging gently to see if i could get them to back out nothing, looked closer and it almost looks like they were glued together so i tried dragging a razor over what i thought was glue, still nothing want to go deeper and cut into the wire insulation.

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