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    Gas smell in forward compartment of my VX Cruiser

    We recently began smelling gas in the forward compartment of our 2008 VX Cruiser. No visible gas leaks, and no gas under the engine in the rear compartment. Any ideas on what this might be and how to fix?

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    Probably not gas. I store my ski indoors, open all of the compartments, remove the seats and put a box fan over the top that blows all the moisture out after about a day or so. I silicone spray the insides about once every other week and if I then don't open the compartments like normal it will have a smell in the forward compartment as well as the engine compartment that is petroleum smelling. My guess is if you checked thoroughly for leaks and there are none, it is probably the smell of the residue from whatever protection you are putting on the engine components or gas fumes leaching from the engine after stopping. If that is the case. Don't worry about it.

    If you store outside and don't have the opportunity to leave all compartments open then its almost for sure this is the problem. Gas left in the engine after shutting it down will leach out and cause slight odors. Again nothing to worry about as long as the density of gas to air is not combustable.

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    Vince, thanks. We store our Yamaha's in an open boathouse, but I'll try leaving the forward compartment door open after riding and see if that helps. I also have a 2007 FX Cruiser, but we don't have the same issue on this one.

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