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    x4 110 jetting help w/ Rossier pipe

    I have a 97 SPX w/ flame arrestors, 43 cc heads, and Rossier pipe. I have to rejet obviously w/ non accelerator pump stock carbs. I ordered a jet kit from Rossier for my setup. I also have another jet kit for just open air flame arrestors. I know from experience w/ atvs that you need to jet perfectly to receive max power. Any ideas? I am hoping to find someone w/ the same setup that has already played w/ jetting some. I am scared the Rossier jet kit will be too rich for my liking. Any thoughts? I saw 2 guys on another forum that ran 142.5/145m 70p 2.0 NS with 95g spring screws about 1/2 t out. Does this sound right or too lean? Sounds kind of weird b/c jet kit I have for just flame arrestors and no pipe are 145/145 72.5 p 1.5 NS 95 gram spring. I thought it was interesting that this kit is richer than the setup 2 dudes ran w/ Rossier pipe except for NS. I don't know what jets come in the Rossier jet kit b/c its in the mail on the way. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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    i have a xp 800 w/ 43 head R.E ,flame arrestor UNI, Rossier pipe , carb 40 mm with primer I order jet kit from rossier last week! the Rossier jet kit will not be too rich!He will just perfect ! too lean will kill engine and rpm!

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    Any gains from removing choke plates and insatalling a primer? How does yours run? What jets are you using?

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    but i don't still receive my jet kit form R.E!

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