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Thread: Reed Questions

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    Reed Questions

    I've been having some issues with my 99 XP. Pulled the reeds and sure enough, 1 reed pedal from each cylinder were broken off. Questions...

    What's the best way to make sure what reed pedals I should replace with. I'm 95% confident they are VForce reeds (moto tansanari is printed on the rubber reed piece).

    If I am correct, where can I find replacement reeds? I've searched about everywhere and only can find wholesalers and no online general public sales.

    The local shop said that I couldn't go back to stock because the ski has a aftermarket R&D head. Is this true? Is there a certain balance between the head and the reeds that would make an impact on performance?

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    I would not go back to that shop,replacement reed are out there
    check with bill o neal watercraft magic

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