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    wavejammer rev problem

    Hello! i have buy a wj500 today and have a rev limit problem... its like the limit increase to 4000 rpm. i have check: comp is 10 bar on both cyl, igintion spark is ok, carb and fuele pump is ok, exhaust is ok and i have check the hig temp sensor it is ok. the wj is running good on land and water in idle and up to 4000 rpm but is going very slowly. any ideas? thanx!

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    i'd check your impeller for a large gap and stator hub for damage .. if the impeller's gap is larger than .006 , its lossing thrust to the back side of the blade..(adjusted closer with shim washers)..
    if the hub veins are mangled it will not direct thrust back very well..

    you say not very fast.. how fast is it?? a wr will run between 30 to 35 tops, in stock form..I'd assume the wj is near that, this depending on the load as is a smaller hull..
    you could also have a stripped spline in the drive train... (there are two of them)
    the rev limiter on a 500 from factory kicks in at approx 5500 rpm ( dont have the book handy to be more specific).

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