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    How to determineUsed Fair Market Value or shoudl I go NEW

    Hi all:
    I'm new to the whole PWC thing and am interested in buying a Yamaha Waverunner (obviously right) and am trying to decide between New (ned of season) versus a Used.
    I live in Rochester NY which is right in the Finger lakes Region
    I have gone to see a 2008 FX HO that has about 40 hours on it...the owner also has a 2009 FX SHO with nearly the same hours. I'm leaning towards the FX HO due to Price at about $8,700 which doesn't include a trailer. I've checked NADA and KBB for average retail prices and they seem to be very low when compared to listings on Craigslist - to which I'm told that due to the fact the skis are used in Fresh water and for only 4 months a year; those values are way low. So my question is how to best determine what the used prices should be.
    Or should I re-focus on driving the best deal on a new ...I'm thinking the VXR sounds terrific.
    Any thoughts from the experts here

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    Look for something else, 2008 FX HO is the older motor and not the 1.8L

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    agreed $8700 is too much for that older design FX HO

    if you just want a stock ski for 1 person the VXR is great

    for a 3 seater the SHO is nice

    if you want to modify a ski and go fast then look at the FZR

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    $8700 for an 08 HO with no trailer? Jesus, that price is rediculously high. I dont think I would even pay $7,000 for that set up. That seller is feeding you a line of BS. Let him sit on that ski.

    You are getting close to the end of the season. Winter is the best time to buy. If you can hold off for a few months you can score a better deal. Even if you bought now, you wouldn't have much time left to ride.

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