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    Limited RPM and Speed 2007 speedster SCIC 150

    I bought this year a 2007 150 Speedster SCIC 215hp. I got brand new turbine and wear ring in it. I used Super unleaded gas 94 . Yesterday, quite evening with mirror lake. My GPS top speed was 47.4 mph (gas was 3/4 full, 670 lbs of load including peoples and stuff). My RPM was then 7500 and never went higher than that, whatever I have tried.

    Doeas anyone know if this is normal (the limited RPM and or the limited speed) or if I should look for some item to be maintained?

    Thanks a lot for your answers since I am quite nervous about this boat.


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    This thread could be moved to the boat section.

    On a healthy, but completely unmodified 215hp Speedster 150 SCIC, you can expect to run 56mph @ 7900rpms WOT at sea level, with no passengers, varying depending on environmental factors, of course. You can expect to lose 100rpms per full size passenger; it creates so much more drag with more hull in the water. I remember when I first got mine new, it was plenty of fun when I was alone, but a slow pig fully loaded, which led me to mod the performance.

    You really need to run it alone without all the extra weight, to see where you stand. High altitude, air/water temps, and humidity (density altitude) will degrade performance. You say you put in a new "turbine"... I assume you mean prop, and not the entire jet pump or supercharger? Why did you need a new prop, and did you put a stock OEM back on, or use an aftermarket? The pitch of your prop will determine where your wide-open throttle lands, which determines your horsepower. Do you know how fast it ran before changing the turbine? Very important to give your modifications and environmental conditions, if you're looking for performance help.

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