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    2008 Ultra 250X Hesitation

    I was out on the lake yesterday and my ski was running great. I put half a tank of gas in at a very reliable location. I rode for about 20 minutes after the fill up without a problem. I was in rough water and rode to a calm location and coasted for about a minute.
    When I left the quiet location my ski started to hesitate at about 50mph. It acted like it wanted to go but then seemed to skip and hold at about 50. Almost like it had a governor installed. Someone else took the ski and it rode fine for about the three minutes he had it.
    I got back on it and it took off as usual. When I let it coast and then started again it did the same thing, this time at 40mph. I took it to my lift and we checked the intake, etc. all was clear. (This was confirmed at the dealer the next day.) We changed the plugs, of which the ones in there were basically new anyway, just to be safe. When we took it out it did the same hesitation again, this time around 30mph. I decided to trailer it up north to the dealer where I purchased. They did a quick check and cleared the prop, etc. Also, no diagnostic code shows.
    Again, it starts, idles fine (but a bit rougher than normal) and starts out OK. It is when you slow down and then try to start out again that it hesitates.
    ANYONE, have any idea what this could be? Appreciate any help you may provide before this costs me hundreds or more to fix. MMC

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    Check airbox vent tube. Is it full of oil? If so, check intercooler, is it fouled? Check SC belt, is it in good shape and proper tension? Check airbox intake trumpet, is it in place? Check battery terminals, are they tight? Those are the easy things but frequent source of problems.

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    The problem was the trumpet, it was dislodged. Replaced with upgrade part and should run good. Thank you for response...dead on.

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