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    feeler:4 tec project

    I just want to say that i have been a member on the forum for just over a year now and absolutly love the site i currently own 2 skis 1 that i have built from the ground up (to oem specs) with the help you guys and Jerry answering my 10 million questions during the ordering process which i very much appreciated and WoW what a sence of accomplishment i'm just putting a feeler out there as i'm looking for a winter project so i thought that i would start looking now..i'm looking at building a turbo ski strickly a i'm looking for a rxp or may consider a gtx/rxt due to the extra room 155 185 or 215 does not matter since i will be building if from the bottom up i'm looking for something that is moreless complete or very minimal parts missing it doesnt matter if the engine is torn down since i know what to expect and previous damage isnt really a concern we will cross that bridge when we get there....cosmetically is not a huge deal either as i will more then likely want to do a custom paint scheme. i'm looking for something that i can putter away at if you know what i mean as i already have 2 machines Thanks for looking look forward to hear from you guys and stay tooned for my project build


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    I got exatly what you need. 07 RXP . Ski ate the ceramic washers and has sat ever since. Just posted it for sale under 2007 RXP CHEAP. Let me know!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ktyamaha36 View Post
    I got exatly what you need. 07 RXP . Ski ate the ceramic washers and has sat ever since. Just posted it for sale under 2007 RXP CHEAP. Let me know!

    Thanks again can you keep me posted .....evening bump

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    someone must have a project sitting that they need to get rid of due to space........bump

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    I have a 2003 gtx 185 supercharged. Body is a 9.5 out of 10. Motor was locked up so shop?? tore it down and got in over there head -I bought it to build over the winter when shop is slow.. I have laid all parts out on workbenches at my shop and cant find any missing pieces. Only damage I found was 2 broke teeth on counterbalancer gear. Crank gear-crank-cases-pistons -head sc everything else looks great. Im in southeast mo -pm me if interested.

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    Bump still looking

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    Bump still looking ...someone has got to have something ...starting to get antsy

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    i got a 2006 rxp that needs new sc. i need to sell asap

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    just thought that i would bump the tread as i am still looking.....looking for something within 500 miles of niagara falls NY

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    I have a complete engine with upgraded valves, upgraded to 08 oiling system and upgraded flywheel bolts, I can ship through a member here shipping would probably no more than $200, all you will need for the engine is a supercharger, PM me cause I'm parting 05 rxp 160 hrs. it and parts are selling fast.

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