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    GPS Essentials for Android

    Searched and found all kinds of gps threads but nothing on this.
    I was poking around the Android Market for GPS Apps just to see whats out there and stumbled on GPS Essentials. Just thought I'd share.
    This thing tracks avg, max speed, routes, has a compass, all kinds of stuff.
    You add your own widgets and build your own screen by drag and dropping what sensor data you want.. Cool stuff.
    I did a side by side ( in my car) with my etrex vista and it seems to be accurate.
    It's also free.
    Dont know how my Nexus S will recieve gps from in a plastic bag under the plastic lid but I'll be trying it out to see.
    No more iphone gps envy ! Haha
    And nope, not connected in any way with the author.

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    Thats what I've been using for 2 months.. Sometimes takes a bit to sync up, but it seems dead nuts accurate!

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    I am using My Tracks by Google. the one thing it does not have that I really want is the ability to click on any point in my recorded track and see data for that point (speed, distance, time, etc...)

    Does GPS Essentials do this?

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