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    Anyone have a jet pump housing for 2005 GTX?

    Hello all......been a lurker on this site for a couple years. This site is incredible, so many talented members! Love the conversion section.

    So I did a stupid thing recently....following my friend too far upriver and ran into a crapload of rocks! Damage happened faster than I could stop it

    The stator vanes have large chunks out of them from the rocks. Not to mention the impeller. Have a new impeller and wear ring ordered, but then when I got the pump off I saw this!

    So just wondering if anyone has one for sale....with or without the impeller shaft/bearings installed??

    Thanks for any help! Hoping that I can contribute here and give something back to this incredible forum


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    Well, after thinking about this, decided to just bite the bullit and put a new one in...ouch! This ski only has 11 hours on it and is like new.

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    OUCH is right...Will you please confirm that your 2005 GTX has 11 hours on it?!

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    Sure JP

    I bought a brand new 2005 GTX and ended up selling it and an Ultra 150 3 years ago and have regretted it ever since! Then about a month ago, another GTX showed up on local Craigslist....same exact machine, color, model, exactly the same. Seller said 10.2 hours on it. I couldn't believe it. Something had to be wrong!?
    I was the first one to look at it and took it fast!
    The guy bought it with 7 hours on it and hardly rode it. When I went to his house, he had about 8 cars, all projects a couple muscle cars, etc... camper, big yamaha street bike, boat.....The guy was a residential contractor and was possibly relocating to Arizona with work. He was just getting rid of alot of stuff, all the cars were for sale. I got it for $4500 with an almost new Carnai (sp?) trailer and he even paid half the $250 transfer fees.
    This thing actually smells new!
    Then I do a dumbass maneauver like this! Kicking myself!


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