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    Ultra150: won't start when left in water?

    Hi all,

    I have owned this ski for about 5 years or more now and have never really had a problem with it.. The one thing that always bugged me was if you were out on the ski and stoped for a while(leaving the ski in the water) then it would never start again..? The only way we could get it to start was lift the tail end out of the water and it would start after a min or so..!*

    Is there a reason for this or a way to combat it.. Any
    Help would be greatly appreciated..!*


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    Probably should add a primer kit. You are probably not getting enough fuel for it to fire off under load.

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    Primer kits I from what I hear are a great solution to hard starting, but if all is in order, I would think it should still start.

    Has it always had this problem?

    Does it turn over fast enough when in the water? Just a thought, but it could be that your starter is getting weak?

    The only other thing I could think of is a carb/ fuel pump issue. When was the last time you rebuilt the carbs or at least inspected them?

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    I would look at the battery and starter.

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    Thanks lads.. I may look into a primer allright..

    Eh well it's defo not the battery as I pretty much buy a new one every year..! It's had the problem as long as I know, now and the reason I don't think it's the starter is because it sounds like it's turning over as fast as normal and once the ski is hot it will start in the water first turn, it's only when you leave the ski sitting for 10 or 15 mins it physically won't start unless you lift the tail out..

    The carve are clean enough and all 3 get balanced regularly.. Compression is 100%.. Someone once told me it could be just the cold water up around the head but I don't really see how that would make much difference..?

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    If mine sit in the water and get cold I always have to turn the choke full on and hold the gas wide open until it kicks off then turn the choke off and it will run... otherwise mine will take foreverrrrrrrr to crank.

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    Even off the choke it won't start.. Only way it will start is if I lift the tail out of the water a bit, and it does run a bit sluggis for maby 5 mins.. Totally weird one, but never really bothered me as I very rarely leave the ski sitting in the water..!

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    Definitely sounds like a carb/fuel pump problem, clogged fuel filter/fuel line, or similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustangfury View Post
    Definitely sounds like a carb/fuel pump problem, clogged fuel filter/fuel line, or similar.
    Ok, will give it the once over soon but how come when it's on the trailer it starts after a couple of seconds..even if not used for 2 or 3 weeks..? Then when I drive it on the water and leave it sit for 10/15 mins it won't start in the water..? Fuel filter is clear as it clogged on me once so regularly check it..!

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    It sounds like it is having difficulty getting fuel after it sits for a while. When you finally get it started, you said it runs sluggish for maybe 5 minutes. To me that says it is having issues getting a full prime going through the carbs, lines, etc off the get go. I don't know why, but by checking over the carbs you may find out. IMO, after 5 years of use, cleaning the carbs wouldn't be a bad thing anyway.

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