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    Seadoo bilge pickups

    So on my 94 SL 750 the mesh screens on the siphon hose ends were never on them from when i bought them and after several clogged lines and flooded hull something had to be done. And I looked around and it didnít seem too easy to find these ends, and I wasnít going to make them... solution... &sspagename=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT

    Iíve been out a few times now and had no problems and they seem to work a little better than my stock ones. So just FYI for anyone looking for a replacement.

    the down side is they weight nothing so they have to either be weighted down which is what Iím doing right now (few spare bolts and zip ties) or glued to the bottom which is what I intend on doing later.

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    K447 had posted at one time about drain plugs, I believe they were for late model sea-doos that had a hose barb and screen built into them. That seemed like a pretty neat deal because you're certain the hose won't flop around.


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    I'm pretty sure there held down with those hose clips that they kinda JB weld down. You could use a panel wire pad "sticky pad zip tie goes through" probably have to drill a few holes and stick down with JB weld. Sure i seen some round electrical holders at home depot that would great as well, again JB

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    I gotta ask, what's floating around inside your hull that's clogging the siphon hoses?

    2. Did you ever find the source of your water leak?

    3. consider using a bilge pump too. They work really well.

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    I can't speak for him, but around here it's cotton wood seeds"grow around rivers/ lakes,floats on top & gets drawn in even there air that circulates through ski and that's alot of air. Screens on my polaris had gobs seadoo was fine. But the way I have my bilge pickups in the polaris i think it would be hard to get the seado pickups in deep in back easily .

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