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    I need help with this pump!!!!

    I have a 97 SL 1050 and I am replacing the domestic engine. I have watched the youtube videos and read the tutorial on this fourm and I still cant get my pump off. This boat has no reverse and it has studs that hold the pump to the hull unlike the one in the engine removal tutorial and the 148mm pump removal videos on this forum and youtube. I have everything disconnected and I have the nuts removed from the 4 studs that hold the pump to the hull. I cant seem to yank this pump off. It looks like it has quite a bit of silver silicone between pump and hull. Any tips?????

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    DO not remove the part from the hull. Put those 4 nuts back on inside the hull. You need to remove the 4 long bolts that hold the pump sections together. Then you can separate the sections, and pull the drive shaft out. If you pull the housing off the hull you will have to do an engine alignment, which needs a special tool.

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    He did say he is replacing the engine so he is gonna have to do an alignment anyway.

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    I pulled the pump off the hull, just tugged, tugged, tugged, and it finally broke free. What kind of tool is needed for the alignment?

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    Pump alignment tool. Check out this link for lots of good polaris info and manuels.

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