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Thread: 97 1/2 gsx ltd

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    97 1/2 gsx ltd

    I just got a seadoo gsx ltd siliver/red hull white engine.It has a R&D stinger pipe,R&D carb manifold,TDR water box.At first it wouldnt start and idle.I cked comp 140 both cyl replaced all fuel line rebuilt both carbs cked rave valves both move freely put new gas and mixed to 40 to1.It starts and idles now.took to water and ski will not go WOT but smokes like crazy.I was wondering what size jets it should have in it with the mods ive mentioned.It seems to be loading up at WOT.If any of the seadoo GURU'S have any ideas I would love to hear them.Thanks Dave

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    I didnt replace the needle & seat on the rebuild. Talked to r&d tech line dont need any jet change but he said it sounds like the needle & seats may need to be replaced.Any thoughts on that.Where are all the guys that know there stuff. Running out of summer.The water gets hard around hear.Im wanting to run this next to my 96 gsx built by group k GPSed at 58.9 mph.PLEASE HELP

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