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    2006 or 2005 RXP?

    I'm looking at purchasing one or the other.

    Anyone have any advice or preferences? Both are Stock and both have similar hours on it.

    I've heard something about a ceramic washer under the SC is this an issue with both years?

    I have a choise between the gold and red with the 2006 and only green with the 2005 if that makes a difference.

    Average life of the wear ring would be nice to know too.

    If there's something I need to look at before making a decision please let me know as I'll be hanging onto my choice for a while.

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    Get the gold 06 new the better na not really but you know if you have a chance to get newer for same price and is in as good shape etc. Definately upgrade supercharger washers first

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    Go with the 06. And do what shrabber said with the washers. The 06 has the updated valves. (usually)

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    I own the gold 06. The gold looks way better than the red 06 in the sun. Waxed up the gold is very sharp.

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    Thanks guys a deal is in the works. I currently have a 99 Genesis 4 Seater ( 11 ft long.)

    Mine takes the lead of the pack when in the chop but as soon as we get on even surface I get left behind most times with the 20 or so guys I ride with on weekends. I top out at 55 mph on that big beast. 58 if the wind is blowing the right direction. I'm hoping to not be left behind so much or the last or second last to pull into rest stops along the way.

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