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    2002 Aquatrax flashing CODE 8 (Throttle Position Sensor)

    I have a 2002 Aquatrax that is gong into limp mode. CODE 8 is flashing out as being active. I reset the ECU but this code remains active.
    Where can I get my hands on TPS for this model.

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    There is a better than not chance that your ECU is bad, not your TPS unless your engine is severely corroded. The 02 ECUs are half the price of the 04-07 ECUs. See if you can borrow a good one from someone with a 02-03 to test with.

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    2004 aquatrax R-12X code 8

    I've got a 2004 aquatrax R-12X showing a code 8
    any others out there had any experiance with this happening on this year
    wondering if it had ECU problems like the earlier years?

    The TP sensor sure is a pain to get to

    Thanx for any feedback

    This ski is only used in fresh water

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    mine was the ecu, had the same issue

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