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    Slow out of the hole and no top end ?

    I have a 97 xp and just recently got it out on the water for the first time.

    The ski ran great but had trouble getting out of the whole. To me it felt as if a clutch was slipping in a car. I could feel it spitting out water but it really didnt take off.

    Also the top end died off pretty fast. I could only get it up to 47mph on GPS.

    The ski has and aftermarket ride plate, intake grate, and waterbox. I checked the compression and one cylinder had 155psi and the other was at 152psi.

    I dont know much about skis yet and I have no idea were to start with this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    -Thanks, Chris

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    if you just got it out how is fuel? did you put new plugs in? bad clutch sounds like bad wear ring, no mph bad fuel,plugs. try easy stuff first new fuel and plugs.

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    sorry forgot to add I drained the fuel / oil and put in new plugs... so all that is brand new.

    How do I check the wear ring? Remove the pump?

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    yes you have to removed the pump to check on the wear ring.did you already check/rebuilt your carbs?and also replace the oem gray fuel lines?check also the fuel filter,maybe its clogged up with dirt.

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    Does it still have the gray tempo fuel lines on it? If so follow the DIY fuel cleaning thread. Also check the boot for the carbon seal on the thru hull fitting. Make sure clamps are tight. Check the boot to see if it applys slight pressure to the carbon seal.

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    one thing to note, it Does sound like you have something holding you back but....
    if I had to describe the 97 xp to somebody, i'd probably say "slow out of the hole and no top end"
    but you should get more speed out of it, so something is holding it back.

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    Thanks for the help guys .... I will replace fuel lines, filter, and clean carbs this weekend

    Where is the carbon seal located?

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    Remove rear hatch. Look down at driveshaft. Its the black below looking thing with two screw clamps on it.

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    awesome thanks !

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