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    new member with problems lol

    been reading here for a while, but now its time to get dirty,got a 97 yamaha 1100 triple for free, i know nothins for free, cleaned it up and charged battery , turns over ok, but didnt start, checked spark , got spark , then checked commpresion, 120psi in 2 cyl. 0 in center cyl. , evrything is origanal fuel lines ect. now what ???? can i sleave it or do i have to put a motor in it, im would tackle this on my own , any help would be great

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    How many hours on it? Take the cylinders off and inspect it and the pistons. Most likely you can just overbore it and replace the piston(s). Post some pics when you get it apart.

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    143 hours , will do with thepicks,

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    might even get away with a hone and piston/rings show pics

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    want to sell the motor as is?

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    just got the ski going to fix it and ride for a while till i upgrade, btw this web site is a lot of help. going to start taking apart with picks, so i can put it backtogether, any thoughts on were to begine

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