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    Need a Polaris Guru's help! 94 SLT750 only runs with wrong CDI, otherwise, no spark

    Replaced the stator in a 1994 slt 750. Burned ground wire. Components all ohm check, replaced CDI. Still no spark. Took the CDI from a 1995 sl650, same wire colors and wire count. Ski runs. Bought a new CDI for the slt750 and no spark. Put that new cdi in the sl650, it will not run. The only difference I can see in the electrical box is that the 95 sl650 has what looks like to LR modules. I am assuming rev limiter and voltage regulator? The slt750 only has one LR module. I just ordered a new LR module for the 750, shot in the dark.

    I would be happy to order a sl650 cdi part number but I have no clue what I might be messing up! Any help would really be appreciated.

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    I bet the stator is from a 650

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    I was not the first one to change the stator. The cdi that I replaced 3 times thinking I am getting bad parts, is the correct one for a slt750 and the one it was running on. I replaced the stator with the same part number that came out. Do you know if I am safe in putting in a sl650 cdi. I have all of the part numbers if that would help. This has me stumped.


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    What numbers are printed on the back of the stator?

    650 use an anolg signal while the 750 and 780 use digital.

    And we know a 650 flywheel will not work with a 750/780 stator.

    Now a 650 stator will work with a 750 flywheel and CDI, but it WILL fail in time. (mine did in about 20 hrs)

    So to make it easy, keep 650 stator, flywheels, and CDI's together, and keep 750/780 stators, flywheels, and CDI's together as well.

    Intermix the 650 stuff with the others and you will have problems.

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    Thanks for the help! The stator had on the back 78W-97. When you mentioned flywheel, it really made me wonder. I bought a stator and flywheel on Ebay. Said it came from a 1994 SLT 750. Exact match to the ski I was working on. I was going to put the original flywheel back on but the one that came in looked to be in better shape. The numbers on the stators matched. The flywheels visually looked the same. The CDI that was in the ski was F8T32071, 16720101. The used and new CDI's that I tried were the same number. The CDI that makes the ski run is F8T16274, 16420231. I had assumed I was working with all Analog parts. I thought the digital CDI's had the plug in port, looks like an RS232 port.

    This ski had ran for at least 5 years with the electrical parts it had. I thought I had matched all those parts, everything checks out but no spark. When I put the 650 cdi in and it ran, I assumed everything had to be good except the cdi. Do you think I got 3 bad CDI's in a row?


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    The 78W-97 was a stator from a 1997 780 powered ski.

    Flywheels look exactly the same, but the triggers are different.

    Looking up those part numbers is kind of alot of work. What are the other numbers stamped on the CDI? SZomething like 96-78C

    I doubt you have 3 bad coild in a row. But, they are wired in series, so if 1 is bad, the others may not work right. Highly doubt it's your problem.

    Most likely is a mismatch of components.

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