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    2000 yamaha gp1200r

    My friend has a Gpr that he wants to sell.
    He does not go on the forums so here it is.
    I built the motor and worked on the ski.
    I know the whole ski from front to back.

    Zero hours on motor.
    ADA head 40cc 91octane domes
    New OEM Pinned and welded Crank
    3 NEW pistons and rings
    Gas valves
    T - handels, re-jetted, accelerator pump blockoff, duel fuel pickup
    R&D Ignition
    Riva stinger pipe with jetworks mod
    Pro-tec reed spacer
    Pro-tec flame arrestors
    oil block off kit (premix)
    UMI steerting with Protaper fat bars , new trigger throttle and grips
    new blue plastics ( also have old gray ones )
    aftermarket seat cover
    Hydro turf mats
    billet oil cap gas cap and eyelits
    Blue printed 05 pump
    2" extension
    new14/20 Dynafly from impros setback.
    pro-tec grate and ride plate
    Riva autodrop nozzle
    dual cooling
    riva trim tabs
    riva sponsons ( have 2 sets )
    one gallon of amsoil dominator
    stock cover
    single place trailer with title

    I will get pics up tomorrow.

    He looking to get $4000.00

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    Can't wait to see pics.

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    John wants a copy of the blueprints for the pump

    Oh, and I'd Like to see pics of the bar setup, I need to order some new bars.

    If you want to deliver it and come ride with us I'm sure I can find a buyer for the ski, I have a few friends looking...

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    Thanks guys ski was sold the next day just forgot to mark it sold.

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