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    Lock/code reset?


    I got a 07 F-12. I'm wondering about locking it if I every choose to leave it docked over night. I'm not sure if theres already a lock code in it so I'm afraid of going near the id buttons in fears of locking myself old.

    Can someone tell me how I can set a lock on it or tell if theres already one safely and how i could reset it


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    i found
    How can I check if theres already a code. The storage box is in the front? does it just slide out?

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    I would use a chain/lock since it would be real easy to tow one to a boat ramp. They hand launched [left the trailer underwater] my Brother's Kawi when it was sitting on the trailer in his backyard using his own boatramp and took it across the river to another ramp and loaded it in the back of a PU truck. He got it back trashed about a year later when her saw it spray painted blue out behind his house and chased the guy down with his boat/pistol. The cops were no help at all.

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