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    4TEC N/A ECU Compability

    I have a 02' GTX 4TEC with what appears to be a bad ECU. I have found a used one off of a 03', but the parts diagram has it as a different part number. Will it still work?? Is there a range of years that will work?

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    It should. The dealer will have to marry it to the cluster. It wouldn't hurt to try. The platform is relatively the same. I cannot think of the slight differences off the top of my head. Give it a go. The map should be the same as both are NA skis.

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    It will work. But you need the key to that ecu. Or have one will not have to have the cluster the 02 to 05 ecus only look for the key.....
    Ps I have never heard of ecu going bad...not by itself anyway...

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