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    I've been a lurker on this forum for the last several months while I tried to figure out which jet ski I wanted. We'll a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought a used 2009 Sea Doo RXT is that only had 25hrs on it.

    So once we got all the legal paper work out of the way like title and registration for the ski and trailer, I happily pack up my family to spend a nice day on the water playing with our new toy.

    It worked great for the first couple of hours, but then as luck would have it, the iBR goes out causing the ski to be stuck in "neutral" or reverse depending on how much gas you had in it. The good part was that this happened while we were at the dock getting ready to take it out of the water for the day.

    So, we take it home and I get my hands on the service manual and to the best of my knowledge determine that it's the iBR module that has gone on the fritz. (Wow that's an expensive part!) Being a little nervous to make the fix myself, I did a little digging and found a recommended dealer not to far from my house to take it too and they confirmed that the iBR had indeed gone bad and would have to order a new one as they don't keep those parts in stock.

    So, a week goes by and I give the dealer another call to see what's up and find out that the part is on back order and would give me a call when it comes in...

    It's now been almost 2 weeks and still no word on when the part might come in.

    So I've owned a Jet ski for 3 weeks, used it for one afternoon and it's been broken ever since. I'm starting to think that buying a Sea Doo wasn't such a good idea. Hopefully, my mindset will change once its up and running again.


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    I would check other dealers first go online and call different dealers. see if you can locate it yourself you might save a buck or two my 2 cents

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