I rebuilt my 04 XLT1200 and after the rebuild I was only able to get up to 6000 RPM with very poor throttle response after riding a few hours over 2 weeks the cylinder 3 spark plug anode melted. as a second and more than likely related issue the PVs rotate but they do not seem to be working right. The low end works ok but when at speed if I force the PV up the engine stalls. I get the best engine response with the PV in the same position for low and high RPMs? My guess is that I am either lean on the 3rd cylinder or the timing is off but I am not sure how to test/fix these. I am close to taking it to my local dealer but I really don't want to. Any ideas?

Here is what I have done so far. Rebuilt engine because #2 cylinder failure. (looked like the ring caught the PV) Replaced all pistons with matched Pro-x ones, Had the #2 cylinder welded and replated to the new piston. Checked the crank runout and found it to be good. Replaced the gaskets when putting back together. Pressure tested good after the work and cylinders show about 120psi compression each. I replaced the reed valves with OEM and had the carb rebuilt by Oside without drilling tamper caps. I installed the D-Plate and wave-eater parts. I checked the prop clearance and it looks good though if I can get this thing working right I want to get a better one.