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    Anyone know difference between 95 wave venture hull and 99 XL700 hull?

    Had to rebuild my wifes 95 venture motor and now I have the chance to get a very cheap 99 XL700 hull. Is the 99 XL an improvement over the 95 hull? The pictures look about the same but I haven't seen any in enough detail to know for sure. Not sure if the upgrade is worth the hassle or not.

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    definately better than venture hull its the same as the 800 and xl 1200 pre 2000- just make sure motor lines up to mounts

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    XL 700 hull is the same hull as the venture. They just gave it a facelift with a new upper deck etc. I think the xl looks better than the venture. The facelift made a big difference.

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    The 700 venture had a 144 pump and the xl700 has a 155 pump.

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    Personally I prefer the older venture hull. I have a 95 and a 800xl. The 800xl hull is the same as the 700xl. The 800xl is a bit more stable and has higher feet gunnels. It's spray is wide out to the sides, that I don't like much unless you are trying to get someone wet. The hull also seems to "grab" agressively when sharps turns. The wave venture feels more nimble to me and more manuverable. The 800xl has a bit more power and speed, but not by much maybe 2 mph or so. It may be heavier as well. Not sure. The 700 is much easier to work around for sure.

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